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Trading in the stock market

Trading and investing in the stock market is one of the most profitable and stable ways to make money in the world. Historically, the stock market is almost constantly in the process of growth, which opens up excellent investment opportunities. No wonder more than 50% of Americans have stocks as savings. Invest in Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, JPMorgan Chase and hundreds of other most successful companies in the world.

Forex Trading

The Forex market provides an opportunity to earn on the constant changing in exchange rates. RoyalBanc provides work with more than 100 currency pairs, offers low competitive spreads, the withdrawal of profits on the card, as well as free advice and training. By activating a trading account, you get everything you need for comfortable and successful trading in the most liquid financial market in the world.

Trading Indices

Trading in stock indices is universal and practical. The stock index is the average value of dozens, or even hundreds, of securities, which makes it a more universal and predictable trading instrument. RoyalBanc offers trading in stock indices of the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and other leading markets.

Commodity Trading

Commodities or commodity futures - is one of the oldest assets in the trade. Here there are several groups, depending on the type of commodity: energy products, grains, precious metals, etc. Commodity markets are known for their high volatility, which is great for trading. A futures contract involves an agreement to buy and sell a particular asset at an agreed price in the future. You can start trading commodity futures on the best terms with RoyalBanc.