The trading terminal is the working place of the Internet trader. Successful trading in financial markets is simply impossible without technologically advanced, modern systems that help millions of traders implement their strategies and achieve ambitious goals.


The OnlineTrader trading terminal is one of the most popular software trading complexes in the world. It allows you to work in real trading mode, and in the “demo” mode, which helps beginners to get acquainted with the financial market without financial risk.


It is noteworthy that the terminal allows you to work in the most popular markets from a single trading platform. Access to the forex market, stock market, futures and CFD allows the trader to choose the instruments for any trading strategy.

“The terminal allows you to implement various trading models. In the chart settings, the trader can individually select a variety of functions from the type of chart (linear, bars, candlesticks) to the color gamut. The terminal allows you to open several charts of different instruments with different timeframes in one window.”

“The ability to work with various orders is one of the key skills of a trader. The OnlineTrader terminal offers a set of orders that allows you to implement the most complex strategies and control financial risks. The terminal has from 2 types of market orders, 4 - pending orders, 2 - stop orders. It is also possible to implement strategies with trailing stops.”

“The terminal offers from 30 integrated technical analysis indicators. It is also possible to add additional indicators, which makes the analyst’s possibilities unlimited. News tapes are connected to the terminal, which helps investors always monitor the market situation.”

Status Platform

The platform is known for its intuitive interface and functionality, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Like MetaTrader 4, Status provides a huge number of tools for market analysis.


The platform gained the most popularity due to the possibility of social trading, which allows you to become part of the community, share experiences and improve financial results with partners.Using the platform, you can select one of 5 statuses, or several of them at once. The statuses allow both to monitor the actions of more experienced traders and to control the most popular trading indicators.