Traders choose RoyalBanc

There are so many broker companies today and it becomes really difficult to make the right choice.

RoyalBanc is a fast-growing company that provides an innovative trading environment and first-class conditions for active traders to make money on the stock, forex, commodity and СFD markets.

Customer growth per year
Trading tools
Professionals in staff

In 4 classic markets you will find up to 500+ trading instruments for efficient trading.

We make sure that our customers receive the best services on the market.

Forex market

Has become legendary thanks to the colossal liquidity of an impressive number of trading instruments. 100+ classic and exotic currency pairs that are suitable for any trading strategy.

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Indexes reflect the overall picture of the market, which simplifies the trader’s task. Buy CFD on S&P 500, Dow Jones, DAX and RTS.

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Stock market

The stock market is perhaps one of the oldest financial markets. Not so long ago, only professional investors could make money on equity investments. Today, this market is accessible to individuals.

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Commodity market

Gold, silver, grains and oil interest traders due to the presence of long-term trends and volatility.

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Education Centre

The key to successful trading lies through knowledge.
RoyalBanc offers various educational programs for trading in the forex market, special courses and materials for individual training.

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Realize the dream of financial independence - choose the profession of a trader

RoyalBanc offers a unique opportunity to become a professional trader with minimal risk.

Training program

Complete an exclusive trades profession training program from RoyalBanc, where you can get the knowledge and skills necessary for successful trading

Demo account

Register on our website to start trading on a Demo account, where you can get practice with real quotes without any risks

Real account

When you feel that you are beginning to succeed, it is time to try your hand at a real account.

RoyalBanc is ready to help successful traders to achieve financial progress faster. For this there is a program Deposit +. The larger the amount you deposit into the account, the greater the deposit bonus you receive.